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5 decades back, NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) embraced two distinct alterations to its safeguards under the defence and the deterrence sector. Adjustable acknowledgements swayed the band away from the self-regulating and interdependent set extermination in large fight backs to a much more structured and subtle form of defence.

NATO is at a very important decision making point. With new entrants in the technology sector such as Artificial Intelligence and supercomputing making their way into the defence domain, portrayal, service and the base of the partnership must go through a change if the defence and the deterrence sectors as a team need to have some credibility.

The Alliance has done really well in response to the events that have occurred in the past, building from scratch against the threats from the eastern part of the world, widening its interaction with the middle-eastern countries and cementing a very close alliance with the European Union. As the NATO approaches its 70th birthday in the month of April 2019, it is at a risk of lagging behind in the politically charged and technologically driven developments that could change the face of warfare as we know it, the base of worldwide relations and the partnership itself.

The NATO summit is not like any other meeting, but plays a really important role in formulating rules and regulations at the highest possible level. These gatherings mostly take place to bring forward new policies, expand the partnership to other countries, propel new drives of great significance, and build meaningful relations with countries not part of the NATO.

In Brussels, Donald trump made it very clear that he disliked Angela Merkel on a personal level and because of that he made some very demeaning remarks against the German and her country. He in front of the NATO secretary general said that Germany had a shady relationship with Russia. Trump went on to say that the people who were initially working under the German political framework, started to devote their time to energy companies that come under the Russian empire. With no signs of slowing down, Trump said, it is not pleasant that when it is time to be safeguarding against Russia, Germany pays billions of dollars to Russia. Donald trump made statements after statements and one that really stood was that- “Germany is paying just a little bit over 1%(of GDP on NATO defense contributions) whereas the United States is paying 4.2% of a much larger GDP. So I think that’s inappropriate also.”

On a side not, President Trump is not completely wrong as all NATO countries are required to spend at least 2% of their GDP on maintaining the military force. A pre-requisite that only the United Kingdom, the United States of America and some Eastern European countries follow.

The president of the European Council Donald Tusk and president Jean Claude Juncker who represents the European Commission inked an EU-NATO joint declaration that would mainly focus on the vision of how the NATO and EU will deal with security threats on a global level.

The NATO summit turned out to be fruitful for all the nations as key points that were discussed focused on very many problems that plague the modern world.

Re-modelling of modern structured phenomenon will only be successful if the member countries accost new Geocritical phenomenon’s, side by side showcasing cohesion to NATO’S south, and handling risks from the places like North Korea.

To tackle problems in the defensesector, the military ambition of the member countries is to be able to take charge of missions taking place simultaneously on a large scale and in a state-to-state chaos. NATO’s stand in the protection of the world commons must be strengthened with a lot of jurisdiction powers being able to function with effects across a lot of fields such as land, sea, air, knowledge and information. NATO must go over its plans and think about ways to fight. Barriers to war-sensitive information-sharing must also be discarded.

The risk to the Euro-Atlantic area will increase with time. NATO’s counter-terrorism directives and NATO’s support for the world union against terrorism is very important. NATO as an organisation should give more to the ideas that might help prevent terrorist attacks on the lands of its member countries. This being a national and the EU’s responsibility, with the law making and internal ministries in the fore front, NATO’s recent modern Joint Intelligence and surveillance sector, with its safe communication channels to its member countries, could be a potential safe house for extracting and exchanging crucial information on highly sensitive terrorist risks.

It is now essential for NATO to hold talks and engage politically with Russia in order to formulate and develop a strong political strategy. Talks between the partners must be in accordance with the objective of accommodating challenges and competition and reducing threats. Side by side, the alliance must assist its Eastern European neighborsto protect themselves and continue to boost the Euro Atlantic assimilation of the Western Balkans.

The long on going missions in Afghanistan is a constant reflection of the fact that the security of the Alliance does not fence at any of the border lines. NATO as an organization needs a bigger compact role in order to uphold the security and to bolster the obligation of the Alliance spread across North Africa and the Middle East. Security building to NATO’s advantage will be a very crucial and an important addition to peace and security, engaging jointly with area based local security establishments, namely the Arab League and the African Union alongside the independent partner countries.

The European Union will at one point become a significant security and remote player and act as a political friend to the NATO, having the NATO-EU alliance placed at an equally important platform in order to handle the transatlantic affiliations. The European security establishment will be tabled as an option for the enhancement of the defensecapabilities for a lot of European citizens. Thus, it is very important for the EU and the NATO to overcome any kind of roadblocks to develop a more favourable alliance and strengthen practical cooperation. It would be suitable to have the heads of state and governments to meet once every year under the banner of the NATO summit.

NATO must be creative as a band of partners and regulate the supply of modern technology and equipment. The band should highlight a more regular standard for shared evaluation and common specifications and should hold a partnership- wide stage as fraction of a Future Requirements Framework.

The organization requires a future war framework that fully understands cyber war, hybrid warfare and counter terrorism. NATO needs to weigh the brunt of new technologies on the security platform. It also needs to use AI fuelled ways to gain access to big data.

The leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation need to give a go ahead to a framework re-evaluation which might be absorbed into a Strategic concept. The organization needs an open framework that showcases as to how the Alliance will deal with the problems that are prevalent in today’s time.

Written by:-

Ruchit Rastogi