04-Dec-2018 05:28:30

Rajasthan assembly electionsBJP Modi

The outcome of the assembly election in the Hindi dominated states of Rajasthan is extremely crucial for the 2019 general elections. As media reports, surveys show that the voters are more inclined towards congress as that of BJP. People believe that Vasundhara Raje was slower to act and take actions then she was in her last tenure. Many even suspect that she was given wrong advice about following her predecessor Ashok Ghelot’s failed policy of delaying work till the election year.

People are generally not happy with Vasundhara Raje and her work. The people of Rajasthan have no anger against Prime minister Narendra Modi or Party President Amit Shah, but the local people have lost their trust in Vasundhara Raje. People also know about the brittle relation that Raje and Prime Minister Modi share, which makes it more difficult for the party. Rajasthan’s last chief minister, Ashok Ghelot is very strongly criticizing Vasundhara Raje and her work as the chief Minister. People here strongly admire and respect Ghelot which can prove to be on a negative side for the BJP

.Rajasthan has the habit of changing the government every five years. The basic facilities such as water, electricity, Road-to-Road connectivity are all neglected by the political parties. Its only before the election time, that the political parties actually start working for the facilities, so history shows how the people always choose the opposition party in the election.

Another reason for the downfall of BJP in Rajasthan is the growth in support of the congress leader Sachin Pilot. Sachin Pilot is one of the most famous leaders of congress and his support from people is increasing day-by-day

So can BJP retain its seat in Rajasthan? It is believed that the Development growth has increased in the state as compared to that during the congress time. Also, the Law and order is very good among the major cities of Rajasthan except the isolated places of Rajasthan. This can work in the favour of the BJP and Vasundhara Raje.

Rajput’s form a major population in Rajasthan, Vasundhara Raje is a Rajput herself, which can work in her favour. People are very conscious of their religion in Rajasthan, around 88% of the population in Rajasthan consists of Hindus while around 9% consists of Muslims. Hence, BJPs Hindutva ideology will work in its favour and polarization on the basis of religion will help the leaders of the BJP. Also, the Rajasthan Gujjar community will get reservation when the congress government will come in power. The OBC are against sharing their share in reservation and are therefore against congress which will again work in the favour of BJP.

The elections are will be held in the next month and only time can tell who will win the elections. While most of the surveys, analysis prove that congress has a strong chance to win the election.

By: Shriniket Vichare