18-Jul-2018 13:36:04


Democracy as defined by the Oxford Dictionary is,

“A system of government by the whole population or all eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives”

As soon as democracy dived into the world of governance it gained unprecedented popularity. It lured the general masses more than dictatorship or autocracy, because now the people knew that most of the power is vested in their hands or the representatives elected by them. Back in 1776 on 4th July, 13 American colonies declared their independence from the rest of the British Empire and since then 4th July is celebrated as America’s Independence Day.

Initially the Democratic setup in the newly formed America was highly appreciated and was also accepted by the individuals, the government was working nicely, even after many years of a democratic setup, and America was able to prosper.

Since the beginning of the human civilisation, man was keen to find or develop a system which could provide a proper check on the societal working and ethical norms, despite these endless efforts man was never able to find a way where he could solve all the problems of the society. The public was neither satisfied with autocratic leadership nor was it satisfied with the democracy, every system of governance had its own pros and cons as soon as the negative sides of the system started showing themselves the people started to disregard it as a whole.

Democracy, was regarded as one of the governance which was “for the people” and mainly in their interests but, it is true only in the case when the government also takes the fact seriously, today if we see in most of the democracies the rights of the people are side-lined to a great extent, and in most cases the government is not able to do anything about it.

People today have been reduced to the flock of industrialists whose shepherd is none other than the government. Same is the case with America, masses in America were initially satisfied with the democratic government but the trend today is decreasing. Not to forget there are still people who do support the democratic setup but with the growing corruption and the governments futile efforts to make things fall in place again have made the majority of the general masses to lose hope with this type of government.

The question that whether the American values of democracy and freedom still remain relevant in today’s world, requires a deep analysis of the prevailing situation of law and governance in America.

Diving in the history of various democratic countries like that of Hungary , Venezuela , Uruguay and Chile, we can see that these countries were not able to cope up with their democratic setups as compared to America i.e. America has been a lot better than many other democratic countries around the globe over the years. Not to forget that the most important element of any democracy is the leader who has been elected by the people, and to run a country like that of America it needs a lot of experience and empathy so as to understand his/her citizens.

However the dilemma, “that whether the democracy in America is still working nicely and is able to protect the interests of its people or not”, still remains.

It is the view of various scholars and analysts of today’s time that America has always been a very well organised democracy as compared to that of the rest of the world, but soon if it is not taken care of, then it will not take much time for America to become one of those democracies who have totally lost their meaning of democratic setup.

Every type of governance that man has tried in today’s world has always been lagging behind in some or the other sphere of life , man must accept that he still is not capable of making his own rules and follow them , man was created by the creator of the big world, man is the only living being who has got his own will, the creator has told us the right way to lead this life in a proper manner where at least their won’t be any societal problems if we follow what is correct , but man since the very beginning of his existence has been very poor in following the commandments of his creator and that alone is the root cause of all the problems man is facing today.


Democracy as we can see is been practiced in many countries today but is not successful anywhere, it’s very important for man to understand his purpose of life and then choose what’s right and what wrong for him.