Gender Stereotypes

  12-Oct-2018 11:27:34

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Humans as a species are not at all capable of dwelling deep into the subjects that counter our mental expectations. These expectations are a result of self-imposed stringent cultural rules and regulations. These are rules that we already know of and follow them without any knowledge of how and when such measures need to be followed. The term Misogynist has a different meaning in today’s time and it basically words out a simple line which conveys that in a culture where feminism comes under the column of something that is unavoidable has become a coerced moral norm where the men most likely are in much worse conditions than women in terms of personal well-being. Any discussion on problems that men are facing will most probably be viewed as a portrayal of being showcased as a victim. In the alternate story of victimhood, there are a few men who get to make a statement saying that women are the actual taskmasters. It is now known that the battle to claim the throne of being a victim is being toyed and played by both the genders on an equal platform.

In the time of various gender justice movements gaining momentum, the MeToo movement should be an indication that rather than competing against one another, the promotion of an attitude that is positive for the culture is the ideal thought to be in the pipeline to be moulded into a set practice. The point of this is to make everyone realise that how both the genders were created to work biologically as well as socially.

The misconceptions about genders and all the other people who come under different categories are found in cultures all over the world and have been morally shifting since time immemorial. These stereotypes convey a certain characteristic of behaviour that can be understood with no set path or rules. A conventional image of behaviour along the lines of gender bashing rules is one of the main concerns in formulation of cultural stereotypes. This is the reason why same gender ideals are prevalent across different cultures and also human behaviour and the structuring of behaviour is stuck deep into our cultures.

Every culture has a different way of showcasing stereotypical misconceptions. Some are subtle in nature and others are a bit spiked up. Some of them are so easy to understand that fake news and conspiracy theories are built upon such things. People that give in easily are considered mentally weak. All cultural prototypes that put words like mass killings, terrorism, public hangings are venomous in nature.

The worst character type for a man is being violent, selfish and self-obsessed and for women it is being cunning and manipulative.

The best character type for a man is to be caring, protective and motivated and for women it is being generous and beautiful.

The differences in masculine and feminine roles often reflect the popular prototypes in disguise of something moral in different parts of the society. The traits in human beings are well crafted so that it can be fit in situations and stories made public in order to make the world a better place. This line helps clear the clouded mind in order to realise as to what the true face of Toxic superiority looks like.

Every religion or culture has self- stated itself to carve out the path leading to adulthood for both girls and boys. It has been made evident that the girls are given the “TALK” by older women during the transition phase to adulthood and the same happens with boys with the only difference of older women changing to older men.

Both the genders need a guiding light that will help them get to know one another and learn each and every character trait that will benefit both the sides of the coin. Everyone needs an equal opportunity to explore the things that have been left untouched such as sexuality, homecoming dance that has been long missing in the Indian schools and colleges with strong role models guiding them towards individual freedom.

Some people are brainwashed right from the start and forced into accepting that the only option that they have is to stick to the societal norms and values for their own betterment. People are also fed with the lie that everyone can lead and that the society is gender neutral at the very base of every culture. Like the phrase “A good leader” is a myth, people having intention to make the society a better place somewhat falls under the same category.

In order to make cultures socially acceptable all over the world, it is evident that we require proper, structured establishments that view both the genders equally and help provide a guiding path in order for people to realise where they best belong in society.

Written by:-

Ruchit Rastogi