19-Jul-2018 13:55:27

Mexico Lopez

On the 1st of July 2018, Mexico faced their most awaited presidential elections ever witnessed. Andrés Manuel López Obrador commonly known by his initials AMLO, belonging to the MONERA party won with more than half the votes in his favour. Considering the desperation of the Mexicans to get rid of their current president, Enrique Peña Nieto, and his party’s dominance, the pre-elections were quite intense period in Mexico. Throughout the country people held rallies supporting their respective parties making it blatantly clear that MONERA was in the lead, promoting left wing agenda. But what does this mean for Mexico?

Mexico’s economy hasn’t been improving (quite the opposite actually), a lot of which is due to the sky-rocketing level of corruption within the political class of this nation. A lot of whom are currently being investigated for corruption, involvement in drug cartels and organised crimes. This indirectly affects the over all standard of living for the citizens of Mexico.

With around 42% of the nation’s population under the national poverty line, the common people are left to suffer while the business class fully exploit the government funds. Poverty, leads to poor living conditions, which then results in an increase in crime rates which include drug dealing and violence out of desperate need of money as well as an outlet for the frustration that come with it.

Putting this into numbers, 29,000 murders were recorded, as of last year with just 2% of the crimes actually being solved. The people of the country have thus lost faith in the police which further rises the rate of crimes as the working class of Mexico lose hope the betterment of the nation.

This is where Andrés Lopez comes into the picture. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, founder of the National Regeneration Movement party (MONERA) has been running the presidential election right from the 2006 elections. He was a member of the Party of Democratic Revolution (PRD) during his previous presidential elections in the years 2006 and 2012. Soon after his loss in the 2012 elections, AMLO left the PRD and founded MONERA supporting left wing agenda and building his campaign on the base of his concern for the common people of Mexico which God alone knows, is exactly what they need right now.

Furthermore, during his campaign for the 2018 elections, AMLO seemed to have taken into consideration popular agendas and opinions, one of which is the nation’s hatred towards Trump. Lopez expressed his own hatred towards the American President in his book titled “Oye, Trump” (translated as ‘Listen up, Trump’). The release of his book helped him gain even more popularity as it was a huge contrast to the former Mexican president, Peña Nieto’s failed attempts to befriend President Trump.

This is due to American president Donald Trump’s hostility towards Mexico and its migrating population. Ever since Trump started his campaign to run for the American presidential elections, he has promoted his intentions of getting rid of and keeping Mexicans out of his country, no matter what the cost.

Andrés was determined to win the elections this time around, promoting his intensions to change most of the existing policies back to the way they used to be when Mexico was a significantly better place to live in. During one of his pre-election campaigns AMLO says (as translated in English), “We will follow three basic principles; not to lie, not to steal and not to betray the people.”

This is good summary of what the founder of MONERA intends to do with his term, now that he has won the elections. He claims that his main agenda is to get rid of corruption, which will significantly stabilize the nation’s economy. A stable economy means better living conditions for the people, which in turn reduces the crime and violence as citizens are living happier lives. Ultimately this also reduces the number of citizens migrating to other countries, specifically America.

In theory, AMLO’s goals to transform Mexico are exactly what the nation needs right now but now it all depends on his abilities to deliver these promises to the people. The now Mexican president has been known to often make change policies overnight, even leaving his advisory team to be left trying to figure out what he intends on doing.

For now, however, all seems to be going well while Lopez settles into the shoes of the Mexican presidents who came before him. His speech on the 1st of July, after winning the elections included a lot of his agendas regarding the freedom of the society as well as individuals and their expression. Moreover, AMLO intends on changing a lot of economic policies and review contracts with foreign as well as national banks as an attempt to kerb corruption and leave little to no room for money laundering.

He seems to have plans to change a lot of existing policies in Mexico, which the people of this Latina country have faith in. Keeping his time as the Mayor of Mexico City in mind, it is safe to say that AMLO is in fact capable of improving, if not completely eradicating the economic problems of the nations.

Written by:

Divyali Karamchandani