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James Anderson Cricket England

As we all know that earlier this month James Anderson created history by becoming the most prolific test wicket-taker among all the fast bowlers of all time by beating the record of 563 test wickets. It is truly astonishing for the world to see that James, popularly called as “Jimmy”, not only played all the test matches, that were scheduled against India but even became the highest wicket-taker in the Bilateral Series with a total number of 24 wickets to his name even at the ripe old age of 36.

Anderson has made a propensity for utilizing the Duke ball adequately to inconvenience the batsmen. His capacity to swing the ball in the two bearings combined with an extremely sharp line has helped him swindle numerous batsmen and his propensity for scalping Indian batsmen is very much archived. Through the span of the arrangement, Anderson developed as the main wicket-taker of Indian batsmen in tests as well. With many great achievements, the question arises that where does he rank among the record-breaking greats?

Despite the fact that Anderson is presently the best quick bowler in tests, wickets alone shouldn't be the benchmark for greatness. The player whom he surpassed to reach the haul of the highest wicket taker in test cricket, Glenn McGrath, had an insane average of 21.64 in tests in comparison to Anderson's 26.84. Anderson's ODI record could not hope to compare with numerous greats like Glenn McGrath, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis. Anderson has retired from ODI and T20 cricket and this has extraordinarily helped him charge his batteries for the rigours of 5-day cricket. The table underneath looks at the away wickets and the aggregates of the elite bowlers in test cricket.

We can construe that the majority of Jimmy Anderson's wickets have come at home and that there is a huge distinction between his home and away averages which isn't the situation with alternate greats said above. Presently moving over to knock down some pins strike-rate (number of balls played per wicket) which is another metric to check the adequacy of quick bowlers :

In this metric as well, Anderson is way below his contemporaries.

Moving to the rating side of things, Anderson was given a rating of 903 as on thirteenth August this year. Waqar Younis and Dale Steyn peaked at 909. Malcolm Marshall figured out how to achieve a score of 910 and McGrath had a professional high of 914.

In the wake of looking at numerous measurements apart from just wickets taken, it tends to be said with a specific level of lucidity that James Anderson can't be compared to be on an indistinguishable platform from any semblance of Steyn, McGrath, Marshall and so on.


It's additionally worth recollecting that in the wake of making his Test debut in May 2003, Anderson was not able to nail down his place in the English Test side reliably for an additional five years In contrast, Glenn McGrath was ever-present for Australia through the span of his Test career. "The thing about Jimmy is that he's unimaginably gifted and staggeringly precise," says Bond. "It's a basic diversion and in case you're precise for a considerable length of time then you have a sensible possibility of progress. "Add to that the way that he can swing the ball both ways and bowl at a sensible clasp makes him a bad dream to confront, especially in the conditions they're playing in right now. "It's wonderful, not simply the Test matches he has played but rather the activity he does in that quick astounding job all the world. I am truly delighted in watching Jimmy and I'm anticipating him breaking that record."


As we all know that setting a world record of 564 wickets in test cricket and that too by a fast-bowler is in itself is a commendable achievement. Anderson's only challenger, Steyn, has been hampered by injuries as of late and the 35-year-old is far back on 421 wickets - in spite of the fact that his average of 22.64 is superior to Anderson's (26.84). His kindred Proteas paceman Kagiso Rabada is viewed as the best youthful quick bowler on the planet, however, McGrath questions Anderson's count will be beaten at any point in the near future.

"On the off chance that there is anybody out there, they have far to go," he said. "I don't think we'll witness it in the following decade. "Just to play enough diversions to go anyplace close it is intense in itself. Other than Jimmy [143 Tests], no other quick bowler in the historical backdrop of the diversion has played in excess of 132 Tests [Walsh]. "Likewise, the nature of cricket nowadays is that there is a great deal more Twenty20. "The amusement is speedier, it's quicker. What's more, will bowlers play enough Test cricket, later on, to go anyplace close to the stamp?"


Thus, there is no doubt that Anderson is the greatest bowler of all time. All the statistics and cricket experts have stated that fast bowlers like James Anderson are born once in a century and it is no short than a miracle to achieve such a record as to get 564 wickets in one’s career and still continuing to play for the country. Also, to break the record of James seems next to impossible as there is no such bowler in sight that has the skill and durability to break Anderson’s record.

BY: Saksham Chhabra