05-Aug-2018 14:14:08


On 16th of July, Donald Trump met with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. The location was decided as it was easier for Trump to come to Finland after meeting the Queen and it would be easier for Putin to come there after the FIFA World Cup. The two Presidents met for a high stakes summit at a time of charged U.S.-Russia relations and as Trump continues to rally against investigations into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. The meeting turned out to be disastrous for Trump as he faced a severe backlash after the meeting, specifically for siding with Putin over his own Intelligence services.

Trump has requested for a long, one-on-one meeting between just himself and Putin. This is considered unusual. Most of the times when world leaders meet, they have numerous staff members with them. This usually protects both sides in a negotiation as it prevents the “he said, she said” situation from arising. All this members, which include Stenographers and translators among others are present to confirm the negotiation that is taking place between the two leaders. Now, with President Trump requesting a one-on-one meeting with Putin was considered highly strange especially when both this countries are not allies.

Now, this gives rise to an important question, why was this secrecy necessary? There was no press release about what the two leaders discussed. For all the world will know, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump might have just discussed the FIFA match which was held the day before their meeting.

Donald Trump basically threw the Intelligence services of the United States of America under the bus by publicly stating that he believes the Vladimir Putin is innocent and he has no role in the 2016 elections that made Donald Trump, the president of The United states of America. This was the major reason for the backlash that Donald Trump faced after the meeting. The people of the United States of America expected the President to take sides with the country over some President of a non-allied country.

This thoughtless public declarations to that effect undermine his own authority and the efficacy of his own Intelligence services. The simple fact that the intelligence services of the United States of America, every single one of them believes that Russia had interfered in the 2016 Presidential elections on Trump’s behalf. And it’s not as though they just expect everyone to buy it just because they are in the business of Intelligence. They have released reports explaining their findings, using what evidence they could without violating what is considered as confidential information.

After all the evidences presented Donald Trump is yet not ready to believe. To his telling, it is because he asked Vladimir Putin in person and Putin denied it. Well he would, wouldn’t he? He will not accept his wrong doings so easily. Now, the major question again comes, why Donald Trump takes Putin as his word and not the intelligence services of his own country. Is he involved in any shady conspiracy with the Russian President?

Vice President Mike Pence, who a day earlier had praised Trump's performance in Helsinki was closely involved in fielding outside criticism and trying to keep Republican members of Congress measured in their responses, an official said. Top national security officials including VP Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and national security adviser John Bolton huddled in the Oval Office Tuesday to develop a response to the fallout. Chief of staff John Kelly and adviser Stephen Miller were also involved in that conversation.

Donald Trump on other hand was not expecting such a huge backlash from the people. Donald Trump was very enthusiastic after the summit as he thought it was a success. It was only after he saw the negative coverage on the summit in his Air Force One, he realised his actions could be interpreted as mistakes.

Written by:

Shriniket Vichare.