Relationship: Elements Building a Healthy Relationship

  01-Aug-2019 10:57:37

Relationship Life

When we hear the word relationship, the first thought that comes to our mind is that of a bond between two people. But that’s not it, relationship can be in any form it can be attachment to your loved ones or it can be love towards your work.

But what is it that makes relationship healthy and meaningful, well the question is simple yet its answer is complex.

To maintain a healthy relationship, one must have trust because the first building block of any relationship is trust. If there is no trust there is no bond. Second, believe. How you treat your bond, the thoughts you indulge in all affect relationship so one must make sure to have enough believe. Third is how you see yourself alongside with your partner, do you want to achieve every last thing with your partner or just let it go with a flow until everything falls apart. Forth and the most important, Sacrifice, do you have what it takes? One must be willing enough to spare time and to let go of things which block your way towards a healthy relationship. Fifth but not least, Emotions. The emotions you feel must be constructive enough to keep you moving . Sixth, Honesty. Being honest for you actions as well towards your relations is a key in holding on to a relationship. Seventh and the most important is being Understanding. Sometimes it’s not just being caring and full of love, sometimes it is necessary to understand what your partner wants, what is in their mind, what they expect. Without a proper understanding relationships could often lead to a disaster.

Lastly being yourself, you as an individual must maintain your true self, you are unique and need not to change. Having a positive attitude with a heart full of love is just the right ingredient to make it right.

By: Prashant