Role of youth in COVID 19 pandemic

  24-Sep-2020 13:03:26

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The Covid-19 pandemic that struck the world like an uncontrollable forest fire was a nightmare to everyone. The strongest of the countries had to hold back to protect their citizens from the clutches of this virus. Many people were left stranded in different parts of the world. Social isolation was at the peak and the mental health of individuals was at risk.

During these hardships, the youth was one of the many frontline warriors that were involved in tackling the problems posed to the world by this pandemic. The youth served their nation and the world at large by volunteering as health workers, engaging the community through social media campaigns, contributing with their out of the box ideas for research and development, and also ensuring that no one was left behind. The youth were less likely to be seriously affected and so they risked their lives for saving the integrity of their nation and also the people that needed their help. Many old people and other communities were socially isolated, these youth stepped forward and ensured that these people stayed connected to the outside world through the internet. People who required special care also relied on the campaigns and steps the youth were taking with the government. The basic awareness and supplies of need were delivered to every person and online campaigns to support people with mental health issues were also launched by youth.

Different Initiatives and Steps taken by youth to during the pandemic

Social Bonding

At such harsh times when people were trapped in their homes, social media helped families to get in touch with each other no matter what distance they were at. The youth helped families use these online platforms effectively so that no one stays socially isolated.

People utilized popular meeting platforms like Zoom to host public meetings, so that everyone can communicate and interact. Moreover, artists like Igor Levitt would perform live for free on twitter just for the sake of creating a social bond. Other platforms like discord also had daily trivia to keep people engaged.

Promoting Culture

As the pandemic was on the rise, the multi-diverse cultural celebrations around the world ceased. To promote culture and to deliver a message that celebrating a festival doesn’t require physical presence, but requires a connection of hearts, people joined online gatherings, gave live streaming performances, and ensured again that no one was left behind.

One such example was during Raksha Bandhan 2020, an organization ferns N petals witnessed huge demands for Rakhis when people decided to celebrate Raksha Bandhan virtually.. Moreover, this year Janamastvi, Independence Day, Easter, etc. were also celebrated virtually.

Popular concerts and fairs from all over the world like Gisburne Park Pop Up, Boryeong Mud Festival, etc. were also celebrated virtually. (see also)

Mental Health Campaigns

Apart from the virus, mental health was harming people of all age groups and soon the youth and other experts realized that humans can sometimes be a serious victim of such problems like depression, anxiety, fear, stress, etc.

Soon a large number of mental health awareness programs and campaigns were started where youth took all the necessary steps, they could to help people overcome their mental health issues.

Helping the community and the vulnerable people

Lucky were those, who were with their family and had all the requirements with them. But for those unfortunate ones, like the elderly who used to live alone, a strict lockdown and chance of infection prevented them from getting the daily need supplies and other essentials.

The youth started grocery drives to bring food and other necessary equipment to the old and even to the needy. Apart from that, the youth also helped the health workers to get the necessary food and water.

Access to Information

Not all were connected to the internet, and many were not able to recharge their data. The youth with other campaigners helped break the barrier of social isolation and helped such individuals to stay connected to the outside world through the internet.

Eliminating Misinformation

Whatever be the situation, some people just want to cause fear and havoc in the minds of the people for their benefit or interest. The youth, being the largest users of social media helped the people from all around the world to stay aware of the virus and the essential steps the government had taken to prevent the virus from spreading. They also highlighted misinformation and held campaigns against fake news.

People were uploading fake information of food scarcity, Covid 19 tests, etc. So, the necessary immunization against such misinformation was needed. The youth played their part in making this come true.

Authors Take

The youth did everything they could to battle this pandemic and support their nation with whatever help they felt they could give. The youth are the building blocks of the world and they provide resilience during the time of need. Disasters and pandemics can happen anywhere at any moment but what matters is how we tackle it. The youth have set a strong example for the world that above all divisions it is humanity that always needs to be given the prime importance.

By: Prashant