The Changes That Manchester United Need To Bring To Turn The Tables In The Premier League

  04-Dec-2018 04:22:44

Premier League Manchester United Jose Mourinho

Manchester United showed some great skills on the field in the last season of the Premier League but Manchester City took away the Premier League trophy. The squad proved out to be ineffective against the might of their neighbours Manchester City. There is a huge pressure from the fans on the managerial team of Manchester United because their days of glory are long gone. With so many dry seasons, this season of the Premier League will be a do die season for the entire team, not only the managers. Although a lot of changes have been done in the squad for this season, even that isn't enough. Hence, Manchester United will have to look up to more strategies in order to take home the trophy by the end of the season.

Paul Pogba is the best midfielder that Manchester United have in their squad at present. He can do wonders on the field if used cautiously in the matches. However, his relationship with the manager of Manchester United was a major concern the last season. It would not be a great idea to not resolve the differences between Paul and the Manager and substantial outcomes shall be seen for this event. Apart from Paul Pogba, the team has to use their midfielders to the fullest. The new entrants such as Andreas Pereira and Ander Herrera can form a stable support for Pogba, who will be instrumental in the Manchester United’s route to victory. With so many midfielders in the squad, all it requires is a simple teamwork to drive the United team to victory in the Premier League.

In the last season of Premier League, Manchester United lost four matches to the teams ranked at the lower part of the points table. This made their precious victories attained against the top teams redundant. If we take a quick look at the performance of Manchester United in the last season, we can easily conclude that inconsistency in winning their matches was one the main reasons why Manchester United failed to clinch the title. The regular draw matches against teams like Leicester City, Southampton, etc. also affected their chances of putting a stiff challenge to Manchester City. Hence, in order to grab the title this season, the team will have to get over its mentality of being average. Manchester United will have to understand that “Average teams can only win hearts, not trophies.”

In the last season, we had a massive show of gameplay by Manchester United, which resulted in a number of draws for Manchester United. This attitude on the field isn't great to be the champ at all. An aggressive attitude is the need of the hour in case of Manchester United or they can settle for being an average team on in the league. While this season, they have got a huge attacking squad, Manchester United should aim at playing an aggressive game and score a couple of goals in the first 15 minutes to keep the opponents under pressure. It is essential because the super defensive approach has killed the killer instinct of Manchester United over the time. The players who could step up, in this case, include Alexis Sanchez, Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford.

A 4-3-3 formation is good but it doesn't work all the time. At times you need to use the 4-2-3-1 or the 4-3-2-1 formation during the match depending on your strength and the opponents’ weaknesses. As we have already seen that certain players who could score a goal failed due to lack of penetration into the defence, this season should bring a change. The Manchester United will have to set a path for the top players into the opponent's region so that more goals can be scored. In the game of soccer, the number of goals increases the probability of winning.

No team can win a tournament with injured players in the squad. A similar case is with the Manchester United FC. Their star performer, Eric Bailly remained out of the team for considerable matches and almost all of them ended in a loss for United. Hence, the team needs to take care that the players don't get injured at any point. If they do, then there must be a proper backup member to replace them immediately so that the performance of the team isn't affected.

Also, a great centre-back pair can do wonders for the team this season, but it will have to be figured out by the manager of the team.

By: Sumit Kumar