The Italian Government's anti-immigrant agenda

  21-Aug-2018 16:22:59

Italy Five Star Movement Matteo Salvini

The five star movement came into existence in the Italian politics nearly seven years ago.The party came into being as a movement ,not calling itself as a formal political party but was actually working as one.

The five star movement soon gained popularity , and today it has become a very important part of the Italian politics , all the other political parties are effected up to a great extent with the existence and popularity of the five star movement.

The party rose from bottom and was able to reach great heights , today it has become a great competition for the existing political parties of Italy.

The five star movement was found by actor/blogger Beppe Grillo and is currently headed by Luigi Di Maio.


The five star movement came in with the propagation of awareness and consciousness in the minds of people regarding the most important issues of the country which were otherwise ignored and not taken care of so strictly, they came up with the real life and practical issues like the problem of Unemployment , Poverty and also improving the living conditions of the people along with the environmental issues.

The party had the agenda that since last 20 years the government of the country has been working for it, but it has not shown any significant improvement in any field of social and economic problems.

It wanted to work for the most practical issues which affects the lives of normal residents , in the real sense ,and the people are actually facing problems in these most important yet neglected issues.

In the words of the leader of the party Luigi De Maio,“The government even after ruling for like 20 years hasn't been able to make a progressive change in the status of Italian politics”

The working of the leftist five star movement is based on the idea of DIRECT DEMOCRACY and ZERO COST POLITICS.

It has touched the hearts of millions by focusing its attention on the welfare and wellbeing of the poor and financially weak sections of the society.


The European Union is facing a united front from the Italy’s “Five Star Movement party” and “The League” headed by Matteo Salvini.

The League is an anti European union party .

The immigration issue is one of the coalition’s most important agenda to focus right now.

Italy has become the ultimate destination for the migrants from North Africa and Greece.

Matteo Salvini says,“The civil government must protect its border - call to the officials of Navy to take care of the immigrants and save the lives you must save and take them home ”

As the Italian politics now has become kind of dominant of the five star movement which is in collaboration with The league , so the question over here arises that ,Is Italy entering into a new era of hostility towards the outsiders??

In May 2018 , both the parties came up with the unites program which highlighted the plans for building more detention centres for over 500000 immigrants and also to review rescue missions at sea after they arrive at the shores.


Since the populist five star movement and The league has come with an united front in power in the Italian land , the problems for the immigrants have increased.

Many of the immigrants when interviewed said that they are not expecting anything good for them out of this government in the country, the leftist five star movement is strongly supporting Matteo Salvini’s anti immigration policy.

This newly formed government has herald even more controversy in the

matter of immigrants as it is raising the spectre of mass expulsions.

The prospects of the immigrants from Libya after crossing the sea look more and more dimmer .

The government has signalled that it will push the EU partners to look

into the matter of immigration and share the burden equally across the continent.

Nearly 700000 immigrants have come to the country since 2013 , and day by day it is becoming a burden on the Italian government to handle such a great deal of immigrants.

May be that is the reason why the Italian government is now taking steps to ensure that their burden is reduced up to some extent , and that the rest of Europe also takes part in making the issue controllable and solve the problems related to the same.


The immigration problem is no doubt a problem which cannot be ignored at all, and must be taken care of , even though the Italian government is becoming a little harsh in dealing with the problem now, but there is no denying the fact that it is very important for the rest of the continent to understand the need of sharing the problem and making jobs one through responsible decisions and actions.

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