The Peshawar Plunge

  01-Jun-2018 05:56:28

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16 December, 2014” – Peshawar, Pakistan

Seven gunmen affiliated with theTehrik-i-Taliban(TTP) conducted a terrorist attack on theArmy Public Schoolin the north-western Pakistani city ofPeshawar. The militants entered the school and opened fire on school staff and children killing 141 people, ranging between eight and eighteen years of age.

In grade one, it was six-year-old Khaula’s first day of school. She was overjoyed that she had finally joined her siblings instead of staying home. But little did she knew that it was her only day at school.

Another boy, in class 9th, was the only survivor in the entire 9thstandard.

132 school children were killed.

132 is just a number. It’s just a number showing the count of the motionless and lifeless human bodies at ground zero.

You want to know the actual number of deaths and what is death in real?

Death is what a mother would feel throughout her lifetime when the clock strikes 3 in the noon and it is the time of her daughter to return home from school. She is waiting on the doorstep, but her daughter hasn’t come back from school. Every day, at that time in particular, her eyes would remain glued to the main door, hoping that the bell rings and it is her daughter who has comeback from school.

That 9thstandard kid heard footsteps of the approaching terrorists outside the classroom. On another day, another place, sitting inside a room and he hears some footsteps outside the room. Can you hear them? Can you feel that rush of blood that he will go through? That is death. He still cannot decide what would have been better. Being made into a lifeless body right there or made to go through this agony and pain time and again.

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Bring home a toy. Take care of that toy. Protect it from every threat/ problem possible. Be possessive about it. Treat it like your child. Keep it as close as possible. Clean it and maintain it every day for 10-15 years. Then one fine day, someone just comes and snatches that thing from you. Your agony is infinitely small against the pain that the parents of the children who were killed would have to go through. You can just sense their loss by seeing how lame this example was in front of their pain.

This was one of those victims of this attack. NOTHING. Nothing- be it religion, politics, nationalism, linguistic chauvinism, racism, casteism, capitalism, oppression, depression. Nothing in this entire world and it's self created set of barriers and problems can justify the killing of this child.

The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility for the attack, describing it as revenge for Operation Zarb-e-Azb, the Pakistani military's offensive in North Waziristan that started in summer 2014.

This is just one face of the religion of terrorism.REVENGE.

On the night of 14–15 April 2014, 276female students were kidnapped from the Government Secondary School in the town ofChibokinBorno State, Nigeria. Responsibility for the kidnappings was claimed byBoko Haram, an extremist and terrorist organization based in north eastern Nigeria.

Since 2010, Boko Haram has targeted schools, killing hundreds of students.. 10,000 children have been unable to attend school as a result of activities by Boko Haram.Boko Haram has also been known to kidnap girls, whom it believes should not be educated, and use them as cooks orsex slaves.

ISIS has released a list of rules about how female slaves, women and children should be treated once captured by Jihadi warriors.

The rules, published by the Research and Fatwa Department of ISIS in a pamphlet on 3rd December, are written in the form of questions and answers and say, among other things, that it is “permissible” to have sexual intercourse with, beat and trade non-Muslim slaves, including young girls.

The pamphlet also details how a female slave can be beaten, but her face should not be hit. “It is permissible to beat the female slave as a form of disciplinary beating, but it is forbidden to beat for the purpose of achieving gratification or for torture. Further, it is forbidden to hit the face.”

LUSTis the only religion that these people follow. Treating women, and even girls of about 10 years old, like a slave is not following the guidelines of a holy book but merely running around for your sexual desires in the wagon of religion.


You must have at one point or the other considered the sanity of the suicide bombers or the terrorists that carry out attacks inspite of knowing that they will ultimately be encountered by the security forces. A general question pops up in everyone’s mind: what do these terrorists get? What is more important than their life for them?

Pressure or motivation to carry out these attacks in the name of one religion or the other does become a factor. Agreed. But has anyone bothered to check what actually drives them?

According to various reports, It was in 2005 that Kasab decided to quit home after quarrelling with his father who could not provide him new clothes because of poverty. He then took to petty crime and graduated to armed robbery. A chance encounter with Jama'at-ud-Da'wah changed his life for ever. Then happened 26/11.

But my point is that people like Kasab, who are facing these bad times are made use of. They are being blinded in the name of religion, given food and some luxuries that they cannot afford and ultimately brainwashed to become a terrorist.

Obviously there is never an excuse for killing of human lives. Be it poverty or be it extreme starvation. You cannot go on killing people just because you are poor and don’t have enough to live a good life.


What I wanted to do was to uncover this another face of terrorism.Misuseof people’s faith and taking advantage of their life problem to try and have a monopoly over a region, is what they call their religion.

Everything said and done. What still remains is that people often see terrorists through a window of a particular religion. It’s true. But what is wrong is the fact that they associate them with the wrong religion. Terrorists believe in the religion of greed, religion of lust, religion of misuse of trust, religion of revenge, religion of hatred and a religion which allows them to carry out all the atrocities they wish,in the name of another religion.