Think: A society in which even friend finding is left to an app

  11-Jan-2019 03:24:05

technology social media Datsme

Have we modern day humans isolated ourselves from our own kin to such an extent, that we need an app to find friends?. Couldn't we just do that by going out and talking to people?. How can an app tell me whether someone is fit to be my friend or not?. These were some of the questions roaming in my mind as I saw the poster of an app named Datsme, an app which claimed to be a friend finder app, in my college.

Though I was hesitant at first to actually use the app as I thought it was one of those clickbait dating apps, a quick Google search led me to their website The developers of the app claimed that they use psychology based questionnaire to find people who have similar interests and attitudes. Since I belong to an engineering college but my main topics of interest are politics, history and sociology, I generally do not find people who can have a discussion on these topics. That is why I decided to give this app a shot.

After installing the app, I was asked around 15 questions, which were standard questions used to gauge my interests, beliefs and attitudes. I breezed through the questionnaire which I was thought was interesting but I felt it could have been made more interactive and comprehensive. After answering the questions, I was directed to a Map on which I could see markers of many people. The app was a little bit slow in loading the markers so I had to wait before the markers beautifully converged to form clusters. On clicking on the markers, I got to see the profiles of the individuals and a compatibility percentage with each individual and a set of moral values and interests of that particular individual.

I went through some of the profiles on the app and doled out friend requests to people who had similar interests mentioned in their profile. I found the compatibility feature to be intriguing but the algorithm could have been better designed as almost all the people were shown to be in the 70-90 percent compatibility range.

Some of the people accepted my friend requests and I had a good conversation with a couple of them but since the app does not allow me to attach media, I felt that it would be better that we move the conversation to Whatsapp.

Though I liked the way the app had been built, it had a great UI/UX and the concept was something that wasn't really practiced in the market, I feel that the app needs to add plenty of more dimensions and features before they can claim to be a friend finder app.

Maybe, I am being a bit of an old school person, as I like to make friends after having face to face interactions but I really found the concept of finding friends with just a click of a button a concept that could be prevalent in the post-modern insular world that our modern cities are leading us to. Technology is shaping our relationships in an unprecedented way and whether we like it or not, we have to accept that apps like Datsme are going to prop up as we move forward in the 21st century.