Trumps Tirade against Iran

  31-Jul-2018 11:21:27


The Iranian political dignitaries made a controversial and very bold statement by saying that the White House had waged a SUBJECTIVE WAR. This was followed by a promise to protect the Iranian government from any attacks of disintegration by the United States of America after the snide comments made by President Donald Trump went public.

The resentment from Tehran noted some of the most politically heated arguments between the Iranian government and Washington D.C right from the time when the government headed by Trump backed out of the nuclear deal with Iran that was made in the year 2015 and went on to force sanctions upon Iran.

The series of comments made by Trump was in reverberation to the previous comments made by the Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, wherein he said that a battle with Iran would be “the mother of all wars.”President Rouhani also said that the USA “must realise that peace with Iran is the mother of all peace.”

Donald Trump retaliated by saying that Iran would “Suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before.”

Trump also said, “We are no longer a country that will stand for your demented words of violence and death.” “Be cautious.”

The oratory, coming a few weeks before the United States of America is to foist the initial rounds of new trade and financial endorsements, has in a way made the Iranian authorities and political groups to shut down their operations.

The exposition held by the Iranian citizens due to its country’s warfare against the USA led to the Iranian Rial going to a record low against the American dollar and these expositions were termed as a direct response to the structural and political failures and disrespecting of rights by the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Pompeo also mentioned the administration’s new policy against Iran, taking into the picture the targeted messaging on social media platforms and various broadcast channels.

These statements made by Mike Pompeo were slammed as “Hypocritical and absurd” by Iran’s ministry of internal affairs.

The trump administration long before the tweets that escalated the war, had already ignited a fire by comparing the Iranian political regime to that of the Mafia, stating that the powerful people who govern Iran have no qualms in funding terrorist activities at the cost of its citizens. Mike Pompeo said that the intensity of corruption and money among the Iranian leaders definitely shows that Iran as a country is run by a faction or a group that has a lot of similarities with the Mafia rather than a politically sound government.

In May 2018, Donald Trump said that the JCPOA(the JOINT COMPREHENSIVE PLAN OF ACTION) was a one-sided deal and should have never been signed because it did not curb Iran’s “destabilising projects” and could not understand or stop any breaking of its terms.

While the admin block of the United States of America has backtracked on its motives, it is pretty clear that the hindrance is a tactic made to ensure a political change by causing immense pain in the economic sector to help increase anti-government responses. Such a bi-fold economic- political problem could oust the leaders out of their chairs and create a mess internally.

This warfare between both the countries dates back to one of the earliest stages of the U.S.-Iran relationship: the 1951-1953 oil embargo against Iran. This criterion shows that the American administration should move forward with a lot of precaution, as it went forward in the 1950s. This war could help the USA to look at the Iranian political change as a strategic option without thinking about what would happen later on, which in turn would formulate the Iran-U.S. relationship for years to come.

Even though Iran is controlled by a backward and a corrupt rule, a rule that has made its leaders very rich by misusing Iran’s natural resources and ignoring its environmental problems, the regime is also stuck up, with no one to oppose it.

A violent nudge by the American government for a change in Iran’s government will only push Iran to close its ranks.

Since Iran is one of the leading exporters in the petroleum sector, an Oil embargo against it will not work and will only lead to the increase in prices.

The aftermath of this issue could be catastrophic. Economic positions inside Iran would lead to more revolts, which may convince Donald Trump to use more pressure to get results. Disintegrating economic situations will lead to the creation of a feedback loop that would, in turn, result in strict sanctions, harsh rules or maybe a full-fledged war, simultaneously resulting in the increase of the oil prices all around the world because of the geopolitical risks and the closure of the Iranian oil output.

Even if the U.S. administrations strategy was successful, it is still foggy as to what kind if a government would be there in Tehran; if at all it would be in accordance with the USA or hold a place in the eyes of its own citizens.

A political change could work if it has a short-term goal. But it could corrupt the minds of the Iranian citizens against the United States of America, also create economic destabilization in Iran and lead to further regional clashes. The USA should think with a calm mind before it starts to walk upon this thin thread of a path and probably a catastrophic course of action.

Written by:

Ruchit Rastogi