Will the US midterm elections’ results change Trump's strategy leading to 2020?

  04-Dec-2018 05:30:12

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The US midterm elections occur in the middle of the four year term of a president. The US midterm elections were held on November 6, 2018. The Democrats made a comeback in the midterm elections, though Mr. Trump managed to recapture his old strongholds but was unable to capture new states.

Importance of the midterm elections.

The US constitution has set up a system of checks and balances by vesting powers in the President and the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. Here winning the House means the Democrats get to chair the powerful committees on the Judiciary, Finance, Oversight and Government Reforms.


US president Donald Trump is unable to think the way that could be strategically beneficial in maintaining international relationships and this is the major reason that is accelerating the decline of his country's global influence.

Though this decline has always been a topic of concern since the time of cold war , when it emerged as the world’s sole superpower.

Mr. Trump will definitely have to change his strategies because he is even getting blamed for stirring of racial and political tensions. Many of the Republicans who has never voted before in a midterm came to vote raising slings like “ Hatred is not going to win, we are not going to stand for it.”

What the 2020 candidates learned from the midterms?

None of the 2020 Democratic prospects who went before voters on 6th November faced stiff competition, so it's hard to extrapolate from the election results. The 2016 Democratic primary challenger, clearly retains a stronghold.

The shape of the 2020 map: Democrats will be struggling through the wreckage that is Florida and Ohio for weeks to come. They were unable to reclaim these States from Trump.

Way Forward:

Donald Trump is unpredictable, several of his key foreign policy moves suggest that his administration is pursuing a grand strategy aimed at reviving America’s global power.