Reminiscing Gully Cricket

For the common Indian man, Cricket is not just a sport. It’s a religion. An Indian kid learns to hold a bat before he can speak his first word. If you were born in India, you would’ve definitely played Gully Cricket with your childhood friends. We neither had pitches nor did we have stadiums, but that did not stop us. We made our own little Eden Gardens and Ferozshah Kotlas in every street. This will take you back in time ;)

1. Win the toss - bat first

“Bhai toss jeet gye, batting hai apni”

Decision was not whether to bat first or ball first, but who will open the innings

2. Game of cricket is a great leveller.

“Mai last mai batting gya tha, pehla over mai dalunga”

3. There was always one small kid who was playing just for the sake of playing(or we wanted an extra fielder) And when that child wanted to bowl

“Bhai iska baby-over hai”

4. First, second,third….

Even after being 1.25 billion, sometimes there was a shortage of players. Remember how we sorted this.

“Ungli rakho saare apni jaldi”

5. Umpire would always be from the batting team

“Areey apna umpire bhejdo”

Because of which, sometimes the umpire would give a wide even before the ball is bowled

6. Thou shall not lose the ball while playing…

“tunne ball khoie hai, ab tu hi nai ball layega”


7. The main reason why dilscoop and uppercuts were not invented in india

“Piche ke run nhi hai, ja baal uthakar la”

8. When that small kid wanted to bat

“Areey isko 3 ballein karvade, underarm daliyo”

9. There was always someone who batted like a tailender.

“Ayega ayega, lapeda hai ye”

10. Chucking was not allowed at our level too

“Areey bhatta maar rha hai”

11. Okay team is imp, but batting is more imp

“Bhai mai last ball par nhi bhagunga”

12. Do you know when were you the most important person in gully cricket? when you own the bat

“Arey bat rohit ke pass hai, won hi aya to kaise khelenge”

13. We could play anywhere. Anywhere and everywhere.

“Touch ka 1 run, one tip out aur 3 baar body out hai.”

(Imagine if we could develop a game like book cricket, this much space was more than enough )

14. We could make a wicket out of anything. ANYTHING!

15. Rain stopped play?? What is that

16. Last man standing

“akela bcha hai, double bhagna padega”

17. Batsman had the birthright to mark the crease

“Bhai dedh bat ki crease bna de”

18. At times, the team members of the batsmen wanted him to get out more than the opposition.

“Iske baad agla mai jaunga”

(Ready and waiting with a bat in hand)

19. And perhaps the rule that makes gully cricket special…..

“bhai one tip out hai”

Our childhood will always have that special place in our hearts, gully cricket being one of the main reasons for it.